Journal 5
 For my career research project I looked over the public accounting field. In order to be able to succeed in the field is possibly doing an internship at an accounting firm, or go straight to working since I only have one semester left at Walsh. At the moment I am researching possible jobs that I will be applying for. To be successful at finding a job I am preparing myself to be proficient at interviewing and making my resume look good. Even though I do not have work experience in the accounting field, I think the accounting knowledge I have obtained at Walsh has prepared me to show any company that I am capable to bring something to their company as well as benefiting for the knowledge I would obtain from them. To show the business world I am prepared I have to be as professional as I can and be prepared to answer any questions they might have concerning accounting or just the experience I have obtained at Walsh. 

Summary 2
 Four Cover Letters for Four Job-Search Strategies, by Deborah Walker, gives suggestions about how to approach cover letters in different circumstances. Walker notes that there are four types of cover letters; the first one are cover letters responding to job postings, in which she highly emphasizes taking time to write that cover letter explaining work experience and job qualifications. The second cover letter is proactively sent to your target market, this means that you are sending the cover letter to a market in which jobs have not necessarily been opened, you are selling yourself by seeking for a position. With this cover letter you define the target market and then when sending the letter try to always write the letter addressing the manager. In this letter you will talk about why you are interested in the company and give a brief summary of your accomplishments. The third cover letter is one that is sent to recruiters and headhunters. Walker mentions that the job applicant will most likely email the recruiter and therefore the email should be kept short and emphasizing your field of interest. The email should be similar to a summary of your resume. The last cover letter is contacting your professional network. Walker notes that majority of people find jobs through networking. This letter is more casual than the rest because you know the people in the field, or the person you are handing the cover letter and resume to. In this letter,  you will sell yourself, you have to realize that you have to write this letter for several audiences because you don't necessarily know who will be looking at your cover letter and resume. 

Journal 4: Cover Letters




Cover Letter Responding to Ad:


1.     The audience is Mrs. Robin Boyd, who works for Metropolitan Children’s Hospital in Philadelphia, specifically in the human resources department. Brenda J. Wilson explains thoroughly what she is seeking the job for and what she has accomplished in her previous job.


2.     The first paragraph notes where Brenda Wilson saw the ad at and states the date and the paper she read it in. One the next paragraph she tells the audience why they should consider her as a possible candidate, next she states the contributions which she has made to the company she has been working for and finally Brenda Wilson talks about her relationship with her co-workers and her staff, she ends by thanking the reader.


3.     She has chosen to highlight the fact that she has improved the company’s financials after having worked for them for fifteen years and that she wants another opportunity to better other companies as well.


4.     I believe that the writer has made their main appeal with credibility and emotion. Credibility because she states all the examples of how she improved her company through hard work and emotionally because she mentions her whole staff always supported her decisions and she was always committed to them.


5.     I believe that she addresses her audience directly three times, first when introducing herself, then when she is about to talk about herself and finally when she is concluding the letter. The potential employers basically know what she has contributed to the previous hospital she was working for, because she states all of her contributions in the cover letter.


6.     I would have improved this letter by making it shorter. I think a lot of this information could be found in the resume as well and it would be making it to repetitive.


Unsolicited Cover Letter:


1.     The audience is Jonathan Arvidson, head of the reference department at Henry Madden Library at CSU Fresno. Melissa Taylor the applicant gives information about her academics and experience working at Clark Library to teach library instruction. She is seeking to expand her experience and contribute to Henry Madden Library.


2.     In Melissa’s first paragraph she talks about her education, and why she want to go back to be an assistant at Henry Madden Library. On her second paragraph she notes her experience as and assistant and instructor at different libraries. She also states how she helped one of the libraries with customer skills. She ends up her cove letter by thanking the reader for his time, giving him her phone number and email number as well.


3.     Melissa decides to highlight the fact that she has experience working at libraries and that she is a person that has improved her customer skills to be able to understand and help all clients.


4.     Melissa has made her main appeal with emotion. She has an undergraduate degree from Fresno State and had worked at the Henry Madison library. She also states that she always wanted to return to the place she decided to become a librarian. She also uses “Go Bulldogs!” as her last sentence.


5.     Melissa directly refers to her audience twice; first when she starts her letter and then when she is thanking Mr. Arvidson for taking time to read her cover letter.


6.     I might have improved the letter by removing “Go Bulldogs” from the end paragraph. I think it makes it too emotional.


Referral Cover Letter


1.     The target audience in Mr. Henry Fouche, who works for Best Plans Publicity, Inc in New York City. May Davison is writing about a possible public relations opening in their firm. She talks about her expertise and the numerous jobs she has done in her previous job. She also talks about her motivation and eagerness of making contributions to Best Plans Publicity.


2.     Mary Davidson explains who referred her to the firm and the potential job she could be applying for. Her second paragraph she talks about her current job and all the positions she has taken do to the fact that the company she currently works for she has done many jobs. Her third paragraph talks about her previous jobs were she prepared press releases and media guides. Her fourth paragraph talks about her employers recognizing her motivational skills and her ability to be promoted very quickly. He finally concludes, by telling the reader she is eager to contribute to their firm.


3.     Mary Davidson highlights the fact that she has developed her talent and experience, and that she is a very motivational person ready to contribute to the firm.


4.     Mary has approached her cover letter with credibility. She has talked about previous work experience and the contributions she has made to the company.


5.     She refers to her audience in her first paragraph and her final paragraph when she refers to the firm.


6.     I think that Mary Davison comes of as a little snobby when she talks about her self and her achievements. She could have mentioned promotions and recognitions of her previous employers in a more subtle way. 

Journal 3: Sample Resumes

The resumes I have selected are for the purpose of getting an idea of how to start shaping my resume to make sure it is effectively set up to start selling myself.

Resume 1:

Robert Ussery is seeking a position as account Executive in one of the country’s top industrial companies; he currently is a Sr. Account Executive at Accuri8de International Inc and has been assisting internal auditors with information needed, developed good ways to achieve healthy competition and has monitored the team sales reports.

Resume 2:

Richard Anderson is an accounting student seeking for a position as an intern with KPMG; he has previous experience with several financial businesses, on his last experience with Wescom Credit Union, he was in charge of producing audit reports that included internal control recommendations, management letters and loan file reviews.

Resume 3:

Richard Anderson is a recent graduate with a degree in business management; he has been manager at a Pizza hut and was responsible for communicating, developing, profits, sales and cost control, he also managed and administrated the store operations, including reports, scheduling, customer service and inventory.

Top 10 Action Verbs:

·         Contribute

·         Monitor

·         Plan

·         Create

·         Develop

·         Produce

·         Maintain

·         Deliver

·         Organize

·         Manage


Influences these resumes have had on me:

These resumes have a good format in which I know I could base my resume. The resumes are very descriptive and I know they will help, when updating my resume. The action verbs that are used are helpful in order to further develop the action verbs I use in my resume.

Journal 2
Writing Project Plan

Date assigned: Monday September 13, 2010

Date due: Friday September 17, 2010

Title: Project Management 

Working thesis: To develop my writing skill in order to improve the way I approach my audience in a more professional way using a more expanded vocabulary. 

Audience: Who is the primary audience? My primary audience could range from my professors to people I work for. The secondary audience would be co-workers or fellow students that would look over my work. I would need to develop my writing in different ways if I would be communicating with my professors or if I would be writing to my bosses or colleagues.  

Scope of assignment: How long is this assignment expected to be?If I would be writing a report about an audit that I have done, the report has to be detailed but in short form. If I would be writing for a class I would expect to write as much as the professor has required me to write. A report or a paper for a class would require me to cover a broad range of ideas and points of view in order to provide valid information. 

Purpose for writing: What I would accomplish by writing a report to a boss would be informing of the financial standing of the company I have audited, reassuring that all of what the company is doing is legal and show them that I am a competent person in doing my job. If I were writing for my professors I would want them to know that I have grasped everything in the course. To do that I will use examples from class lectures and readings assigned.  

Goals of the information: The audience will use the information to provide a more in depth report on the audit taking place, if that were to be a job example. 

Methodology: I will have a peer or team member review my report before it is due. Making sure that no mistakes are made. If I were to be writing for a class I would have a tutor or a friend look over my paper and let me know if there is something wrong with it. I would write a few drafts before turning it in until I make sure everything is included. 

Summary 1
In the article, "What Color is Your Parachute", Richard Nelson Bolles, discusses the satisfaction and non-satisfaction brought by the workplace. He argues that a job change due to not being satisfied in the previous job may seem to bring one satisfaction, but before one realizes the job can also be unfulfilling. All jobs bring challenges day to day he stated, and one has to be able to figure out how to manage them. He also contends that some people before changing jobs consider having to go back to school to learn new skill and become more qualified, but he also says that doesn't guarantee anyone the possibility of getting a new job, conditions will always be difficult or more simple.  

Friendly Audience

Hostile Audience

Journal 1
Being aware of your audience is something that may sound not complicated when you are in a certain business environment, but I find it hard to have a way in which I will engage all of the readers. Writing a report for hire ups might be different than writing a report for my peers, but how do I actually know what is the way to address people working around me rather than the people who I am working for. I know that I will find it hard to leave college and go straight to work and getting used to the way of writing for the people I work for rather than my professors, who I know what they want from a paper that is assigned. 

English is not my first language and sometimes I find myself in situations in which I do not realize that my grammar is being used in an appropriate manner. I don't think I have terrible writing skills, but when proof reading paper I have to have someone reviewing them because sometimes I don't see mistakes that other English people would find throughout the paper or report. When I go into the work force one of my biggest concerns while writing a report is that I will feel less competent if I have to ask a co-worker to read a report for me to finalize and hand it in to the boss. 

My vocabulary is not limited to simple words, but sometimes I see myself being very repetitive with certain words I use. The tone of what I am writing seems to be confusing since the audience will be different in an accounting firm and Walsh. I suppose that in the accounting field I will be expected to be very straight forward and that is it, but in college all students are expected to develop on certain matters or issues when writing papers therefore the voice changes completely from a boring straight forward paper to something more intriguing. 


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